Long Alphabetic Chess Proof Game versions

Given here is a very long proof game in Alphabetic Chess, which may set a record; shown in several versions. Each begins with the same 50+ pairs of moves, but with variety in the codas. The selection here is of some of the more interesting endings; all feature multiple wR switchbacks and a long and surprising journey for the bR from a8. Shorter examples are given in the event of cooks being found in the longer versions.

One of the examples here is fully tested by Popeye. Perhaps this is the longest computer-tested proofgame? Partial testing is possible in other cases: a partial sequence of moves from the game array and a partial sequnce of moves to the diagram position have been tested; where the two sets of moves overlap. For instance, the PG73 has so far been tested in the last 85 single moves, and the first 112 single moves.

After a check for anticipations, I found that these share the first 12.5 moves with Michel Caillaud, 3 Pr, Jubilé D. Innocenti 44, Phénix 2001-02, except in the nature of the promotion on move 10. This is perhaps unsurprising given the extremely constrained nature of Alphabetic Chess. The problems diverge significantly after that point.

Many thanks are due to Frank Moralee for help offered in testing some of these positions where Popeye was unable.